Welcome to Climate City!

We are creating a mobile virtual experience to accelerate awareness about and the
development of climate solutions. This experience will engage the participant
lite-immersive experience of the resources connected to The Collider in a
way that introduces them to the resources in Climate City and invites them to
come to ClimateCon2018!

Below is an example of the 360 video of Climate Interactive's World Climate Game:

BTU will provide The Collider and connecting organizations with a
downloadable mobile application to be used on most modern smartphones.
The experience will start the participant in the middle of The Collider as the
hub of Climate City. From there they will be able to use their “gaze” to
navigate the surrounding world and experience the members of Climate City
(demonstration of this functionality available upon request) learn what Asheville offers in the way of climate science and information.

This experience will be enhanced using a headset with magnifying lenses to
give the participant the sensation of “being here” with us.

BTU will provide Collider-connected organizations with their first
photosphere ($100 value) for free. To complete the sign-up we need:
Organization Name & Story (1-3 sentences), Key Contact, Date for the
photosphere shoot.

Please complete the form below to get started.


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