Virtual Reality Experience in Asheville, NC

What We Do

Better Than Unicorns creates immersive experiences for a variety of platforms, providing cutting edge solutions for client engagement, product visualization, and brand and organizational storytelling.   

We build immersive, interactive and animated environments that transport viewers into other realities.

We provide unparalleled visualization tools for clients from architects to industrial manufacturers. 

We specialize in immersive storytelling that engages audiences.  

We are Better Than Unicorns. 

Better Than Unicorns Virtual Reality Team in Asheville, NC


Immersive experiences are digital experiences that range from viewing 360 degrees of a possible hotel room on your tablet, to a 360 degree video seen on your phone or through a headset, to a fully built out, interactive and responsive 3D model that you experience through a virtual reality head set.  In its truest sense, immersion into a virtual environment makes your brain believe you are actually there.  

  Better Than Unicorns creates immersive experiences in a variety of mediums, to match the precise needs of our clients.  



We produce 360 videos for any brand or organization that wants to more deeply engage their audiences. Our videos are made to be deployed across a variety of platforms: web, mobile, and HMD.




Merging motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, and interactivity, Better Than Unicorns is a full scale virtual reality production company.  The level of immersion in VR promotes client engagement through a powerful empathetic response, facilitates powerful storytelling, and presents an unparalleled medium for product visualization.   




Better Than Unicorns utilizes a wide range of creative blending options that fall between 360 video and full virtual reality.  We like to think outside of the virtual box with our clients when it comes to the creative execution of our projects.