Current Projects


Virtual Reality

Merging motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, and interactivity, Better Than Unicorns is a full scale virtual reality production company.  The level of immersion in VR promotes client engagement through a powerful empathetic response, facilitates powerful storytelling, and presents an unparalleled medium for product visualization.



This is the science of taking precise measurements from photographs. This allows us to make detailed 2D and 3D models for mapping areas and objects. Working with mural artist, Scott Allred, we have been able to create unique models of posters and images that can be collaborated on across the web with greater spatial awareness. 


Augmented Reality

While Virtual Reality creates a new world to experience, Augmented Reality overlays digital items onto an image of the real world blending the two together. This can include mixing digital navigation with a view of the roadways or inserting digital characters in the real world that you can collect. 


360 Video

We produce 360 videos for any brand or organization that wants to more deeply engage their audiences. Our videos are made to be deployed across a variety of platforms: web, mobile, and HMD. These are spherical and immersive allowing the viewer to pan around the room seeing the whole event as it progresses.

A 360 Video of one of our game tournaments. Use the cursor to drag around the video while it plays to see the full room.