The Introduction Experience

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Executive Summary


  • Accretion is a virtual reality environment designed to enhance personal interactions and  encourage positive group dynamics.

  • Players equip tracking devices and a VR headset to see and interact with each other in a shared play space.

  • Original moment-to-moment storyline flow encourages players to use their individual abilities to contribute to a shared group effort.

  • A high focus on intricate interactions that are fun to watch and gratifying to experience.

  • Combines the team-play mechanics of an ‘escape room’ with the intensity and drama of a space opera.

  • Players find themselves in a harsh far-flung future, where they will use teamwork to fix what they need to survive, to journey through the vacuum of space, and to understand the inscrutable anomaly.


High Concept

In local Virtual Reality cooperative, up to four players will work together to understand and fix their surroundings, survive journeys through the vacuum of space, and understand an inscrutable anomaly.


Accretion is a mission-based small-squad virtual reality escape room. It incorporates elements from the Role-Playing, Action Adventure, and Strategy genres. Featuring a variety of  interactive locations, sci-fi tools and gadgets, and suspenseful situations inspired by games such as: I Expect You To Die, Job Simulator, and real life escape rooms.



  • Co-operative play: Local co-op is a dying experience, and local VR co-op is a nearly unheard of feature. Accretion brings the immersitivity of VR into the realm of groups by offering a four player local VR co-op experience, where the players share the same physical and virtual space.

  • Character Persistence and Growth: How individual players act and problem solve within the virtual space will be tracked and profiled according to numerous intelligence types, allowing for returning players to automatically experience missions with interactions and puzzles they enjoy. Additionally, players will level up and/or unlock certain character options as they play, allowing for more difficult missions to be attempted, and for missions to be conquered more easily. Finally, an Accretion website will serve as a partial portal to the game world, listing player’s statistics and customization options.

  • Team-based Gameplay: Occupying both the same physical and virtual space, the four players will be able search their surroundings together, problem-solve together, use objects together, and complete missions together, allowing for different players to shine at different points (through their individually selected tools/abilities and profiled intelligence types), and all players to shine as a group.

Compelling Story: With player-to-player and NPC-to-player interactions inspired by everything from Firefly to Portal


Revenue Model

  • Available at our brick-and-mortar Arena, Accretion will be geared towards groups and team-play. Harder missions, differing mission requirements, character persistence/growth, leaderboards, and customization options will keep groups coming back over and over.

Potential option for availability through Steam as a four player online co-operative experience. Content would be prioritized for brick and mortar locations to drive in-person patronage.


Development Team

Justin Hamilton -- Chief Developer

Jonathan Nieman -- Developer

John Kreisher -- Developer

Eric Wetherill -- Project Manager

Kendall Breivogel -- Lead Artist

Brett McCall -- Chief Guy