VR Team Building & Facilitation Services

Waiver & Rules Form


  1. Click the black button above labelled “OPEN FORM TO REGISTER”.

  2. Complete the fields in the form.

  3. Submit.

  4. Smile!! You are in for a treat!

What to bring

  • Paper and pen.

  • Wear comfortable clothes. VR experiences are energizing and you will want to be able to freely move your body.

    • Smaller-than-usual head? bring a soft hat, tuque, or hoodie.

  • Bottled water and snacks.


embrace the chaos

let chaos become your calm

Questions about AR/VR Production services?

We create custom VR/AR experiences for a myriad of different purposes. If you are interested in learning more or have specific questions please send them ahead of time to Brett@BetterThanUnicorns.com. At any time during the session feel free to ask our techs about the possibilities or to see examples of our work.

Want to learn more about Spatial Computing?

Two keystones to our consulting services are education and exploration. If you are interested in spatial computing, in what is possible now and in the future, and want to schedule a session for your team, please contact us. We love to imagine the impossible and bring it into reality.