Be closer, feel happier, and work better—together.  
Virtual Reality to inspire teams.

Better Than Unicorns is a VR company that makes virtual reality adoption easy for brands so they can stay relevant, attract top talent and future-proof their company’s culture.

How does it work?
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Play to get a taste of VR and feel more connected.


Dip your toes into Virtual Reality and explore new possibilities.

Fun, wonder and curiosity are the focus here. Explore new worlds, do impossible things, laugh, laugh, laugh! Initiate is for all levels of participants from beginners to highly experienced. We provide guidance, support and all the equipment so you can enjoy the experience.

FUN is the focus here, regardless of the intentions. Let off steam, feel connected, be as competitive as you want and laugh, laugh, laugh!

Play is for all levels of participants from beginners to the highly experienced! BTU will provide all the guidance, support and equipment you need to strap in and enjoy the ride!


Collaborate to make your teams better.


Elevate your team and how they work together.

A custom tailored program to demonstrate how VR can transform your team and organization. Use Collaborate to explore themes like building resilience, embracing failure, increasing connectedness, strengthening diversity and inclusion, boosting creativity, augmenting competitiveness—all from the comfort of your home or physical office.


Integrate to future proof your company culture.


Fast track VR Integration into your organization.

Let the experts at BTU become your overnight fractional VR department. With Integrate our team will become an integral part of your organization for one year as we work with your existing infrastructure and teams to create and deliver the roadmap to integrate VR into your organization's culture and operations.

Top benefits of VR



Being in VR is as close as to being in person when it comes to communications and experience. The added benefit is that the neural system is fully and singularly focused and engaged in a single activity without the external distractions of multiple screens.



VR doesn't just level the playing field, it allows teams to connect regardless of physical distances, geopolitical differences, gender, religion and age—it raises the bar! For the first time, your team can truly explore diversity and inclusion in an experiential way, feel you are truly in the same space as your colleagues and increase empathy and compassion through a never-before experienced lens.



If you consider that building capacity is rewiring our brains, then come and experience one of the most effective and proven ways to do this by entering a neuroplastic state (essential starting point of rewiring our neural systems). There are many paths to achieving a neuroplastic state in VR and our experienced teams will safely guide you and set you up for the optimal use of what can be done once you and your team get there.

Failing Fast


In today's business environment, the prospect of failure usually creates a strong fear response. This diminishes our world view, the capacity to listen and the capacity to be creative. At BTU we invite, embrace and play with failure to accelerate the path to success. We do this by creating a safe environment for failure. This builds resilience, exercises our capacity for risk and pushes us to the limits of our creativity.

Transformation is our why, VR is the tool.

We are passionate about helping large companies harness new technologies to bring transformational change in their cultures that creates happier people and better team work.

It really takes you out of your comfort zone in a structured, thrilling, and surprising way. No one person has to be "good" at VR, it's a new experience for everyone and everyone gets to experience it together.

Danielle Pierce, Asheville Home Builders Association

I felt so connected to my team and we laughed more in those few hours than we have in months!

Kandi Gongora, Chief Transformation and People Officer Goodway Group

One of the things that I took away is that, whenever you're faced with something that is just uncomfortable, new, or challenging, you don't have to try to figure it out on your own. That's what your team is there for, to support you and help you and guide you, you're relying on your team because you're in it together, you're not just doing this by yourself.

Dominic Butler, People Experience Coordinator, Goodway Group

Great Team building opportunity. The exercise forces you to completely dedicate yourself to the sneaking emails or texts.

Pamela Racer, Small Business and Technology Development Center

You could bump into someone in the hallway like, “Oh, I haven’t seen you! I wasn’t planning to see you, but here we are!” I got to have conversations that were unplanned.

#overheardinVR Feb 2022 GWG Summit participant

Come, explore how VR can benefit you and your business.

Get everyone’s head in the game.

Become a person who can see the wonder

Discovery Event

Come explore how VR may benefit you and your business.


Through a ninety minute interactive experience that will safely and quickly get you using a VR headset, you will be able to explore alongside other business professionals some of the wonders of what VR has to offer.

What is VR and why is it important?
Brett McCall

One of the most important things that designers can do is to create and maintain design systems. Design systems provide a shared set of standards and patterns that can be used by all members of a team. They help to ensure that everyone is on the same page, and they can save a lot of time and frustration in the long run.

What can the metaverse do for your company culture?
Diana McCall

Everyone has their own unique perspective, and that's what makes designers so special. We all have our own individual processes, methodologies and ways of seeing the world. And it is this diversity that allows us to create such beautiful and innovative designs.

Part 1 — Working Together
View full agenda
View full agenda
Learn what makes a company culture successful via the metaverse
Rilley Fathese

Design sprints are all the rage these days, and it's easy to see why. After all, who wouldn't want to compress months of work into a single week? However, successfully completing a design sprint requires more than just a willingness to work long hours. In order to be successful, you need to understand the basics of Design Sprinting.

Mastering the basics of VR and navigation
Cam Gerady

Designers are often asked to prototype websites and apps. Figma is a great tool for this purpose, and it's not difficult to learn. The more you practice, the better you'll become at prototyping websites and apps in Figma.

Part 2 — Self Expression
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For all your questions, we’re here to help.

How big of a space do I need?

We encourage you to have at least a 10x10 ft space for maximum safety. However, for the majority of experiences a 6x6 ft space is adequate. Please make sure you have enough room to stand up with your hands fully extended up and in all directions.

What if I get motion sickness?

We have helped thousands of people in and out of VR without getting motion sick (including many of our own team members who get motion sick in other scenarios). Part of our Initiate process includes strategies to prevent and avoid motion sickness. We use neurological strategies to help you have the most comfortable experience possible.

How much does it cost to buy a headset?

First off, we do NOT sell headsets directly, but we WILL advise on all the details for your purchase. In October 2022, headsets costs between $500-$1,990.

How long do the team building sessions take?

Each team building session lasts 90-120 minutes. Depending on your goals and objectives, we will design a series of sessions for your team.

What will I get out of the experience?
  • Better understand a team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Making people more comfortable with technology
  • Re-energize teams
  • Get ahead of technology curve and into spatial computing before others
  • Actionable items to implement what teams have learned
  • Defining your teams successful tactics
  • Prioritizing tactics that lead to strategies
  • Having a blast and lots of laughter
  • Able to learn from the fun, enjoy what you are learning
  • Improved communication
  • Strengthened compassion and empathy
  • Cross collaboration
  • Increased Productivity
  • Align your team
  • Increase your sales
  • Name and define your obstacles
  • Transformation through teambuilding
Do I need a PC or Mac to join?

The VR headsets we use and recommend are all standalone units, meaning you do NOT need a computer to connect to your headset. However, you will need access to a Zoom connection as all our Initiate and Collaborate events are hybrid Zoom/VR session which is necessary for efficiency and safety.

Do I need to buy software, games, programs to participate?

No. All the necessary software will come preloaded on your rental unit. If you are using your own, you will receive the necessary information to download and access the platforms needed for your sessions with us.

Do I need wifi, cables and batteries?

If you are using an Oculus headset, you will need to set up the WiFi connection. Some other brand headsets require a usb cable connection.