Looking Back at Creative Mornings

Brett McCall

futurist | game designer | technologist | consultant

Three years ago this morning, I delivered a talk through Creative Mornings. The theme of the month was “Beyond” and my talk was all about the power of Virtual Reality and how it is already impacting the way we experience the world around us, that which we call reality.

April 28 2017 talk “Beyond Reality” :: https://creativemornings.com/talks/brett-mccall-reality-disruption
April 28 2017 “Beyond Reality” — link: https://creativemornings.com/talks/brett-mccall-reality-disruption

Since then the world of spatial computing has expanded several times. One of the more remarkable fields being impacted is how we experience our emotions, trauma, and rehabilitate ourselves through the events of our life.

See, one of the big challenges VR, AR, and 3D imagery faces right now surrounds the complications of bringing the content to the population in a meaningful way. Right now that is mostly locked behind the hardware bottleneck, simply put: not enough people own headsets. Even with around 500,000 headsets out there now, we still have a bottleneck… this is caused by many things (i.e. corporations like Facebook locking down Oculus-exclusive content, breaking their original commitment to stay open).

One of my favorite companies is virtual bodyworks… they have an amazing product called conVRself that is well worth reviewing. Here is a scientific article: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/07/190730125325.htm

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link: https://virtualbodyworks.com/products/convrself/

Super excited to remember the work I put together 3 years ago. My company, Better Than Unicorns, has shifted and adapted several times since we started. More than ever, right now, we are returning to our roots and looking at ways to unlock the mind using spatial computing technology and the hardware tools in our hands everyday. It is my hope is to align with projects like conVRself to bring the power of immersive technology to our community in crazy powerful ways!

Here is to another 3 years!!!

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